About Us

Introducing the cottage restaurant

Kolbeh (Cottage) Restaurant first started its activity in 2007 under the name of Kolbeh Spaghetti, in Ahmadabad Blvd, Mashhad. After achieving customers’ satisfaction and attracting more customers based on the principle of customer orientation, this restaurant developed its activity by changing its name and address to Kolbeh Restaurant in Hashemieh Blvd., Mashhad. At the beginning, Kolbeh Spaghetti had a limited menu including different kinds of pasta and some western dishes; but, over time, many different dishes and foods from around the world made their way into Kolbeh Restaurant. Now, the restaurant’s menu includes more than 30 types of various Iranian cuisine, western foods and seafood. This complex (Kolbeh Restaurant) uses the raw materials with the highest quality for preparation of foods. These ingredients are prepared from the beginning up to the final cooking stage by the experience trained chefs under the supervision of Kolbeh Restaurant, according to the special recipes and principles applied by this restaurant. The key points are considered to enhance the taste and flavor of the dishes. In this regard, many by-products served in this restaurant such as breads and pickles are among the exclusive products of this complex. Desserts and cakes are prepared daily in the pastry and bakery section of the restaurant. This ensures that all food items served to the guests are health, fresh with the best quality; over time, Kolbeh is changing from restaurant into a brand. Among the most important factors making a services complex distinct from other complexes, is maintaining mental health and wellbeing at workplace. In Kolbeh Complex, we believe that we must prepare the comfortable environment and the restaurant staff members with the highest level of positive energy to deliver excellent customer service. Therefore, while respecting the principles of complex, we always try to create freshness in the workplace, and hold the sports and entertainment events for the employees. The family of Kolbeh Restaurant is always ready to add new members, after passing through the filters set on this Complex. Therefore, the persons willing to be among the personnel of this Complex, can call restaurant phone numbers to be informed of conditions and determination of interview time. According to the experienced customers of the Complex, in addition to the delicious taste, and high quality of the dishes, another factor which has made them loyal to this restaurant is the way its personnel treat their customers and respect principle of customer-orientation in this restaurant. In this regard, this restaurant having three separate salons with various environments is at the service of the esteemed guests with different tastes and ideas. For small and multi-person ceremonies you can call the restaurant’s phone numbers for table reservation. If you prefer, the restaurant table design can be accomplished. Also, a VIP salon has been considered for holding ceremonies. If the guest wishes, all stages of holding ceremony including balloon decoration, flower arrangement, reception of tea , fruit and sweet, cake and dessert ordering, lunch and dinner reception, as self-service or separately , photographing or filming their ceremony can be entrusted to the Complex with complete confidence. Kolbeh Restaurant, serves the guests by serving food in salon, delivering food outside, and sending food to your door, from 12.00 to 16.30 (evening) and 19.30 to 24.00 pm (night). Time spent on food preparation is between 20-30 minutes. Delivery time for sending food is determined according to the distance between restaurant location with delivery destination, and weather conditions. In Kolbeh Restaurant we try to have continuous and two-way communications with our companions and benefit from their ideas for rendering better services. We always try to use the best packaging containers with the best qualities of heat insulations for the sent food, so that the foods reach the consumer by respecting the principles of health, hygiene and quality. The website and the Instagram page of the food complex (restaurant) are continuously available to answer our dear customers’ questions and welcome their suggestions. The latest news and information are available on the above website and page. We in Kolbe (Cottage) Restaurant Complex are very grateful to you for taking time to get to know your restaurant better. Hearing your comments and ideas make us happy and promotes our activity. Thanks & Regards